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1st BETA

This morning I went for my first BETA.  Got a bit stressed out on the way with stupid drivers and my thoughts turned immediately negative.  What if it didn’t work?

I was right. My gut was right. BFN! BFN! BFN!

I cried and cried until my eyes were burning like hell and hubby found me in the other room. Hugged me and told me that we shall not give up!!! That he loved me and started making plans for holiday asking me where I would like to go. Now I can go and see my family earlier. Always look on the bright side, right?

I know now that I have to do the laparoscopy to check if something is wrong inside.

After sleeping for couple of hours, I woke up thinking for a second it was just a dream. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!








It has been seven days since my transfer. I have slight cramps on my right side and feel very hot and a bit dizzy. Still haven’t left the house much and to be honest, I don’t even have the energy for it.

Been watching movies and relaxing. In four days is my first BETA. Still not nervous, but on Tues I don’t know what I will do until 4pm waiting for the results!!!


3dt4dpt – Estradiol and Progesterone

This morning I left the house for the first time. Went to the clinic to get my blood drawn. As soon as I returned I went to bed and woke up at lunch time.

Well, it’s 2:30pm and I already recieved my results, which are for Estradiol I have 1,315. Progesterona 35.1

Dr.J just told me that those are perfet numbers if I should be pregnant. Need to wait one more week until my first Beta.



So it has been three days since my three day transfer. The cramping has stopped, but it still hurts a bit when I go for a pee, sneeze or walk. I try not to walk that much, just to the kitchen or to the bathroom.

I wake up refreshed, even though I have nightmares. Very vidid dreams, more than before.

I have my breakfast, check my e-mails, call my Mum and Dad and surf the internet. Then I have lunch, have my vitamins and meds and take a nap. Usually I sleep from 2-2:30pm until 5-6pm. I wake up hungry. Some snacks and around 7:30pm hubby returns home, we have dinner, watch a movie and off I go to lala land again and sleep all night until 9am. Rarely wake up for a pee.

I feel good overall, tired but OK. Tomorrow is my Estradiol and Progesterone blood test so I shall leave the house for the first time since Friday.

3DPT embryo development : the blastocyst begins to hatch out of its shell…so recently from tomorrow for the next two days the embryo will being implant.

7DPt implantation complete….so Friday will be last rest home day. I shall still take it easy but at least I don’t have to stay in bed or at home all day.





Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.

Today was my transfer. I have two 8cells embababies and one 7cell embababy inside of me.

I ate a big bowl of spaghetti bolognesa and a choc chip cookie from Starbucks and I think I am ready to sleep some more.

My first estradiol test is on Tuesday 19th July. My first beta is scheduled on 26th July and the follow up on 30th July.

Fingers crossed  ❤ ❤ ❤



OMG!!! There are five eggs. Three really good and two are recently catching up and forming. So tomorrow I shall have the pleasure to invite the three musketeers into my uterus.

I am experiencing a lot of cramping, but aparently that is normal after my great response to the meds. But ‘MAN’ it does hurt a lot and I could not sleep much last night. I am bloated and feel like thousand frogs jumping inside of me.

Called my mom and sister in Czech Republic to inform them about my transfer tomorrow and that I plan on to visit them in October pregnant God willing!

I haven’t seen them in two years, so it is about time to go and not alone!!!

I wanted to go today and have a facial and stuff, but with the way I am feeling and the weather outside,  I prefer to stay warm in bed and watch movies.

Tomorrow….tomorrow….tomorrow….c ya babies 🙂

4 out of 14

Eleven out of 14 eggs got fertilized. Only FOUR are possible embryos. Two of FOUR are strong enough, the other two a bit slow, we need to wait until tomorrow to see if they catch up.

Transfer will be on a day THREE. That is my lucky number and hopefully we can transfer Three as well, if not THE TWO champions will make the day! So that makes it FRIDAY 15th July 2011.

I am taking estradiol in tabletas after yesterday’s aspiration, some antibiotics and also progesteron ovulos every six hours.

I am feeling good and positive.

Tomorrow will go and have a facial and visit Festival del Cacao Peruano 2011 and just relax until Friday.

Then the whole week will be on bedrest.


Is the number of retrieved eggs this morning.

Now I am in bed wearing my lucky pyjama and watching movies with hubby.

Grow grow eggies!!! Tomorrow morning I will know how many of you have been succesfully fertilized and what day you will come inside of my uterus to spend the next months.

Can’t wait ❤


Egg retrieval day is set

It will be on Tuesday 12/07 early in the morning. Tonight I am going to the clinic to get my Pregnyl shot. Transfer will be either Friday or Sunday next week. After that I plan on staying in bed until the whole implantation process ends.

Tomorrow is my last acupuncture session, which indeed helped a great deal during the last month. I am feeling very excited. Already checked online my ‘due date’, which should be April 03, 2012 if it is a singleton and we are blessed with twins, it would be March 12, 2012. I know that I am running ahead of time, but I just cannot contain myself. It must work out. I believe I will be a mommy this time round!

The journey so far

I have been on Lupron since 17/6/2011. Injecting 0.1ml every night. 1/7 – 3/7/2011 added 2doses of Fostimon.

I have been feeling pretty good. Just on 23/6 had a migraine and on 30/6 almost fainted at the vet place when taking my cat for a check up.

Since 20/6 every week I do acupuncture and I do feel more relaxed and less bloated.

4/7/2011 was my first control and blood work. My estradiol went up to 677, so Dr. J. lowered my dosis of Fostimon to 1/2 shot. Left ovary 2(11×10), 2(10×10) and various small ones. Right ovary 2(12×10), 2(10×10) and various small ones.

06/07 next check up and estradiol. Estradiol level is 1242. Dr.J. says I am doing perfect and continue for the next two days with 1/2 dose of Fostimon and next check up on Friday. Aspiration day is scheduled so far for day 12/07. Today my stomach has a little bulge and I am starting to feel uncomfortable and have slight pains. Left ovary 2(14×10), 2(13×10), 2(12×10), 2(10×10) and various small ones. Right ovary 2(14×12), 2(13×10), 2(12×10), 2(10×10) and various small ones. No wonder the pains, I doubled the amount of follicles in two days. I had to lie down after lunch and slept hard and deep for three full hours. My emotions are in check  and so far everything is running smoothly.