Monthly Archives: September 2011

Ups and downs

Three days of Serophene, two follicles in each ovary sizes 11×10, 10x10mm, on the 8th day double shot of Fostimon, next check up Sat morning for 2 more injections.
Going well, yesterday I felt awesome and after the Fostimon I am full on tearful, needy, sad and tired.
My eyes are burning and even though sun is shining I am down in the dumps.
oh boy this sucks…:((((


The IUI number 4

I got my period last night…whohoooo because I have been waiting for her to come like never before :o)))
So that means I start taking Serophene on Sunday for three days and on Tuesday we start monitoring the follicles and Fostimon injections.
I feel tired and sleepy all day and actually enjoying the laziness that came over me.
Time to cuddle up and watch a nice movie.
Nice wknd to all.


…hanging in there. Waiting to get my period. It’s late for some reason and I just have to sit tight and wait until it decides to arrive so I can start taking Serophene. Been pretty good lately, going for my acupuncture, working in the afternoons and not thinking much.

Contemplating starting exercising again. I might go and buy myself a new pair of running shoes to get me motivated. 😉