Monthly Archives: October 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 32nd birthday and so far the best ever yet. The best present is inside of me. The first birthday party that was for me total alcohol free 🙂 I managed to stay up til midnight but I was tired by 10pm already it was a bit of struggle but didn’t want everybody to know the real reason behind it.
As soon as I hit the pillow I was in heaven. Today I shall stay in bed watching movies and eating take aways. Perhaps a little walk by the beach.
Tomorrow I have a dinner celebration with my girlfriends, we shall have the Halloween theme birthday dinner.
Well, counting days til Friday for our first scan. Very excited :)))


3rd BETA

Just received my 3rd Beta result : 7,942. We are going well. Up next will be our first ultrasound on 4th Nov.

Still no nauseas, just fatigue and cravings for salty things and gherkins.

2nd BETA

So in 72hrs we went up 500% from 114 up to 570!!!! Whooohooooo!!!! Is that normal in a singleton pregnancy? or are we looking at the possibility of multiples? Well, indeed it is possible, because I have ovulated with 3 or 4 when the insemination was performed.

Well, let´s wait until the ultrasound that is scheduled for 4th November to see how many heartbeats we have. Until then I am taking it super easy and enjoying the sleeping.

Who I told…

I told my dearest Mum and Dad yesterday. It was actually my Mum´s 65th birthday and I promised her to share whatever outcome it would be. I could tell they got very happy with the news.  My sister doesn´t know yet. I shall share with her tomorrow on her visit to my parents.  Tomorrow morning is also my second beta and some other blood tests.

I eat every 3-4hours and following Dr.J. directions, no more red meat, only Argentinian. All organic and no more fried food and need to limit to eat out.

All dressed up I weigh 141.1 lbs so that is my starting weight for my 5’11” frame is good and I am already pretty bloated and have to pee a lot. My boobs are swollen too. Pretty amazing for being just about 4wks pregnant.

Let’s hope and pray my beta doubles tomorrow. I believe so but still there is a bit of fear. Also no travelling until I am through with first trimester. But I should be OK going to NYC for Xmas.


1st BETA

The results are in: 114..ta daaaa…there is a pregnancy. Dr.J. wants to see me tomorrow and was very pleased.Congratulations he said as I could not stop grinning over the phone. I was not expecting this, so it´s a huge surprise and I am stupidly smiling. Hubby is happy but I can tell he is worried and doesn´t want to tell anyone, which I absolutely agree with. It’s way to soon. But hey, funnily enough, tomorrow I am going to see a recently born baby girl who I bought some cute outfits this afternoon. Coincidence? Maybe baby 😉

Sending love to everyone xoxoxo

2ww is over

Tomorrow morning I am going for 1st Beta test. I feel tired, sleepy, sore nipples and swollen stomach…but it could easily be symptons for upcoming Aunt Flo. I didn’t get my hopes up this time, so if its negative…will try again, if its positive I shall be pleasantly surprised.
Been keeping busy and except few emotional moments nothing major.
Be off to holiday in 10 days so I have something to look forward to. :))


Friday was insemination day. Now it´s time to wait and pray.