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A week away from completing 1st trimester! A week away from our next u/s to see our little beanie again. I am getting anxious and can’t wait to know that all is good and pass all the exams.

It’s been sooo long since I heard the little strong heartbeat and I am seriously considering getting the Doppler thingy so I can keep my mind at rest.

I managed to eat a little chicken the other day, just for the sake of getting some nutrients into my body. Today I tried to eat some pork for lunch, but simply couldn’t.

For dinner we ordered a naughty Burger King and I tried to eat some meat with fries. I know it was not the healthier option, but at least I something, right? It wasn’t super tasty, but slowly I managed to finish it.

I feel a bit restless lately, don’t know if to read a book or watch a movie, or just sleep. I don’t even have much inspiration for designing. I guess I just need to see the little one.


10wks 4days

Aaaaalmost 11wks…..yupiiiihaaaahoooo 😀

I am feeling super OK today, full on energy and appettite! It´s beautiful sunny Sunday and I am feeling the LOVE. I spoke to my mami and my older sister on SKYPE today and even managed to see a bit of my nephew, who is so fast that the camera can’t even catch him. He’s four. He knows his auntie M is having a baby, he understands baby is inside my tummy and is looking forward meeting his/hers cousin next year. He was born on 5th July and my due date is roughly around 23rd June 2012. Very close.

My sister keeps telling me to sleep as much as I can, to eat well and just do things I love to do.

My nephew has this chair that I adore and would like to get it too. Here in Lima, Perú however they do not sell them, so I might have to go to Chile to get it.

I also have been already thinking on strollers. I consulted few of my mama bear friends. So far the best one I like is Peg.Perego.3GT in Geranium.

I looove doing my little research way ahead, so when the time comes to shop I am not so overwhelmed with too many options.

Another thing I want need (hahaha) is this high chair by Bloom Fresco.

And the Bloom store actually have a store here in Lima, right next to my clinic. YAY!

Well, that is my ‘window online’ shopping for today!

Hope everyone had a great wknd. ❤

Simultaneously Pregnant Infertile Bloggers Award

I am deeply honoured to have received my first ever Bloggers Award!

I have Heather from  to thank for!

Thank You Heather ❤





9wks 3days

More tired than ever. Nausea improved a lot this week but still pretty dizzy. Walks are short as I get tired quickly and need to nap afterwards to regain strenght. I wake up with headaches and little disorientated.

I found some new cravings to keep me going. I love love love watermelon! I also love again a bit of chocolate in a form of chocolate covered almonds. The usual treats are strawberries with condensed milk, hard boiled eggs with edam cheese sandwiches,  warm milk with barley powder, cherry tomatoes, avocadoes, cucumber, spaghetti with ketchup and covered with cheese. What I can´t stand is anything with meat or fish 😦

I don’t know exactly how I might have gained but my waist is 2 inches larger as well as my boobs. I still fit into my clothes, but prefer loose t-shirts over tight ones. I just look like I ate too much.

I am also not very sociable, find it hard to stay focus when having conversation with someone and get distracted easily.

17 sleeps til our next ultrasound!




8wks 5days

I’m feeling better, still no appetite but at least the nausea comes mainly in the afternoon and lingers into the evening. I also have more energy in the morning than evening. By 9pm I am already in bed, sometimes I need to nap in the afternoon.

Constipation improved with drinking youghurt with flaxseed, boobs are not that sore and I think they stopped growing that fast 🙂

Three more weeks until I see my beanie again. Counting days…

Feeling under the weather

I think sitting in the garden on the sun and then getting into air conditioned car wasn’t the best idea. Last night I was shaking with cold like a leaf and this early morning sweating like a pig, whole body hurting and my throat is scratchy. And also I have a bit of pink eye, guess contact lenses do not get on well with me. I feel sore all over and can barely move. Damn it.
Also my scars from laparoscopy are hurting when I move, specially the one on the left side.

I am very needy and so I let all my furry babies to come and join me on my bed to keep me company. They know I am not well, God Bless them.

Hubby went to some meetings but promised to return soon.

I hope our little bean won’t be affected in any way. Just drinking tea with honey and staying in bed.

1st ultrasound

We have 6wks 5 days with heartbeat 117 and 8mm in size.  Our little bean. I cried with emotion as soon as I saw the little sac and heard the heartbeat.  They gave us a picture and a video. I am already looking for a picture frame to frame the photo.

I keep looking at it in amazement. I am pregnant. We are going to be a family. YAY!

Next ultrasound is scheduled for 6th December at 12wks.