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15wks2days and NYC

I have been MIA because we are in NYC for the holidays. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone.

It´s super cold and wow the amout of people everywhere. I am feeling OK and even though I am doing a lot of walking around no issue with it whatsoever. I am glad for that.

In two wks we shall know the gender. I can’t wait. I have been really good and hasn´t bought anything for the baby yet. I did get some mama jeans, even though I still need some time to put some belly into them. I am growing but it is showing slightly. I do feel flutters and bubbles. I thought they were gases, but I think it’s the little one. 😀

Well, hope everyone is well, I need to catch up on other´s blogs as soon as I get back.

Hugs and kisses


Second trimester

13weeks and 4days pregnant….starting second trimester 😀

For lunch we went to Japanese restaurant to have my favourite misoshiru soup and tempura. I stuffed myself, literally. I made check–in and comment on facebook that I stuffed my tummy and surely my ‘cipisek’ (nickname for my LO) is happy about that…One of my friends immediately answered…what cipisek? well, I just replied calmly and happily that ‘cipisek’ has been growing inside of me for 13wks and 4days ❤

I only wrote it in Czech language, so my English and Spanish speaking friends have no idea whatsoever…only some that I already told in person or by e-mail. I am not so keen to make it a single post, I kinda prefer the way it came out naturally. I will probably post it next time with a better picture of LO after the 17wk scan, when I will know for sure that it will be a boy…so far just guessing game.

Btw…cipísek is a Czech animated character…pic below.


12wks 5days

Almost 13wks. Supposedly I should have more energy and all, but ladies and gentleman I am useless,

I am experiencing the following:

Shortness of breath is a normal pregnancy symptom at 13 weeks pregnant, and it’s often nothing to worry about. Feeling breathless can be alarming, but it’s believed that up to 70 percent of all pregnant women will feel short of breath at some point during their pregnancies. Shortness of breath should be mild. If you’re experiencing chest pain, a sense that you’re not getting all the oxygen you require, or you have heart palpitations along with shortness of breath, contact your doctor or healthcare provider.

Mild abdominal discomfort is also relatively normal at 13 weeks pregnant, and it’s due to round ligament pain. As your uterus grows, the round ligaments that surrounding it will stretch to accommodate your developing baby. During this stretching, the ligaments can irritate nearby nerve fibers, which causes the dull achiness or sharp pain that occurs when you change positions or move too quickly. (credit :

Oh boy, have I spent the last few days in and out of bed? For real?

I think I spend as much time sleeping like my two cats.

I may go to the nearby shop to get fresh veggies but as soon as I return my bed is calling me.

Oh, have I forgotten the headaches? Doesn’t matter if I sleep or not, I have this dull slight headache throughout the day.

Enough complaining, right?

My little tummy is starting to show a bit by bit more. YAY! My hair, skin and nails are still doing great and people say I have this ‘glow’.

10 days until we go to NYC. OMG, what am I going to do there? HA! Shopping I hope.

NT scan


Baby measuring 11wks 5days, which is one day less according to my calculation…I might have got it wrong, but hey all is great. My last period was 14th Sept late night, so I guess it should really count from 15th Sept, but nevermind.

Nuchal fold is 1.2mm, which is excellent. The normal range is anything less than 3mm. Baby measures head to bum 44.3mm and his heartbeat is 130bpm, which according to the old wives tales is a boy. Well, for sure we will find out on 11th January 2012.

I continue to have low placenta, so no sex, no sport and take it easy. But can travel to NYC for Xmas.

I haven’t gained a pound, I actually lost 2kg. Dr. wasn´t worried, just said to keep eating healthy and small portions often. As I am tall and skinny, he says it´s perfectly normal and I probably will not show much until 5-6months of pregnancy.

Due date is 21.06.2012

I am super excited and ready to tell more people, however facebook annoucement I shall save for Xmas or even maybe wait until I know the sex of our baby.

The pic doesn’t show much, but you can notice that the forehead is big, his nose, lips and chin and see a bit of his/hers chest.

It’s a real little person inside of me and I am so grateful, happy and if I could I would jump for joy!!! I can only jump for joy in my head hahaha.

With much better appetite I ate my lunch and now I am going to spa to relax and have a facial 🙂


My new toy


On Saturday morning Hubby and I decided to go buy some food for lunch and on the way back passing by the kitchen store he stopped and asked me if that is the mixer I wanted. I just nodded and kept on walking when he calls to me and says ”Let’s go and get it”. WHaaaaat!!!! YAY!!!

I picked the red one 🙂 so it will match the food processor and coffee machine that I have my eyes on next.

To try it on, I made some shortbread strawberry tarts 🙂 Yum yum.

Well, our NT scan in on Tuesday morning and I am sooooo excited 🙂 The long wait is over.

I also have to point out that my tummy is forming some shape, small but yes it is there 😀

Time to start taking photos 🙂