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I had a little haircut today. Then went for a long walk, stopped in a department store to check out what’s new and bought a loose nude blouse and army denim jacket. I also perused in babies department but didn’t see anything too cute to buy, just a tiny denim shirt, which loook pretty cool. But I rather wait for the shopping that we are planning to do in Orlando next month.

I am considering starting Pilates, but Hubby is not so keen on it, he wants  to wait until the next control to check with Dr.J. I could call him, but it’s only two weeks away and so I just do my daily walks for now. We also discussed the birth. Hubby doesn’t want to be present. He prefers to see me and the baby after all it’s done. He knows he’s going to be a Daddy, but being realist, he needs to see him with his own eyes. Even though that lately he has been touching my belly and listening and talking to it, he doesn’t feel him as such or cannot make a connection. When you ask him if he will change nappies, he quickly says ‘absolutely not’, which cracks me up, because I know, that as soon as our son is born, he will fall over heels with him.

I love my son so much already, I loved him even before I knew he was growing inside of me. He will be one of my dreams come true. ❤




17wks 6days

Appetite is on the rise. I enjoy food more than before, though I am still very picky. Belly is slowing coming out, I still don’t look pregnant, just a little bloated.

I play music to my little boy and sing to him in the shower. I look at little bluey clothes in the shops and imagine him wearing it. I dream about him, how he may look. Will he have daddy’s black curly hair and his tanned complexion and chocolate eyes or my super fine straight blond hair, fair skin and green eyes? Or maybe bit of both?

I feel sometimes as if I had a little fish splashing around inside my belly. I tend to touch my belly a lot, when crossing the street, when driving, when eating…almost all the time.

Oh how I love being pregnant ❤


It´s a boy

Everybody thought it would be a boy 🙂 And it is indeed a boy.

We are very happy, he’s healthy, the triple genetic test came back with excellent results. He’s growing well, everything is just perfect.

I just need to eat a special diet to ease the diarrohea, but that is OK.  It’s not affecting my son, so that’s important. I haven’t gained much, but Dr. J. says that 1kg per month is sufficient and I have gained that sufficient amount so nothing to worry about.

My placenta is higher now, so I can resume activities and sex. Hubby is a bit scared, so sweet of him to worry so much. I’m thinking of starting the prenatal yoga. Yay.

I can finally talk to him by his name….so exciting ❤



16wks6days & Back home

Almost 17wks and tomorrow we may find out if it’s a girl or a boy 🙂 So exciting.  Most people think it will be a boy. Well, we shall see, won’t we? 😉

I took a pic of my belly yesterday for some of my friends. Hardly anything there. I just look sort of bloated but not pregnant yet. People who know me, notice it, but otherwise it’s barely belly.

I took a triple genetic test yesterday as well. No particular reason, but hubby’s approach is very scientific and so I agreed to a little blood sample.

On a another note. Couple days ago we had lunch at a restaurant and I tried meat after a long time. I guess it didn’t go down well and now I am suffering for two days already with a really bad diarrhea. ouch. I hope it goes away soon.

We were invited to a wedding on Saturday. Hubby’s cousin is getting married. I am going to dress up yay. I don’t want to look so pale in my fuchsia dress, so I am planning to go for spray tan, however, I do need to consult my Dr. J. tomorrow if it’s OK. In the salon they assured me that is 100% safe, but I better doublecheck.

Well, now I am off to my dentist.

Have a great day everyone. xoxo