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24wks BUMP Update

I’m coming out of the closet.

So this is  me..fooling around to get a good belly shot.

I’ve never done the breakdown of points so I will do one today…

HOW FAR ALONG: 24 weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: I weighed myself today and I’m 149lb after a good meal, so lets say I am, which means I’ve gained since last time (3wks ago) 6.6lb…wow I’m growing fast, aren’t I? Well, I started on 132lbs so in total 17lbs weight gain. Well, I feel good so far, so what the hell, I guess I’m on track. I’m supposed to gain between 25lb -35lb in total.

SLEEP: I sleep about 8-9hrs a night,  I wake up for pee at 6am sometimes 4am. I also sleep in the afternoons for couple hours. Not every day though.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: none yet, I still fit into my clothes.

FOOD CRAVINGS: fruits: raspberries, blueberries, watermelon, green grapes, nectarines, bananas, apples and mandarinas.


SYMPTONS: I feel good, I have more energy to go for long walks and mood is good as well.

STRETCHMARKS:  none so far

MOVEMENT: Mostly in the evenings, but now also in the afternoons.



BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Resolving the issue how will I get my stroller from the U.S.


WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO:  To our next appointment on 7th March 2012 and going away for a week to spend some time on the beach.





I had a scary dream last night. I dreamt of being in labour for three days…ufff…I woke up petrified, touched my tummy to make sure all is well, drank some milk and went back to sleep to some more silly dreams. However, when I take a nap after lunch, I don’t dream at all. I just sleep like a piece of hardwood.  Like today. Three hours of uninterrupted nap time. Loved it. Hubby told me that I looked beautifully rested.

I did a little bit more baby clothes shoppping. I think I’m turning into a shopaholic 😀

But who can resist that kind of cuteness?

Well,  soon I will move on to the bigger stuff like nursery, stroller and so on. But for now I’m loving splurging on soft sweet outfits for my little boy.

Also looked up some classes about breastfeeding, CPR and breathing techniques if natural birth happens. My mum, my sister both had C-sections because when I was born and when my nephew was born, we both had umbilical cord wrapped twice around the neck. My son has it wrapped around his neck once since our last control. Most likely it can change or it can stay this way, which would mean that C-section would be on cards for me too.

11 days until I see my little boy again.



Something blue…for my little man

How I love shopping for my little man. I enjoy it more than shopping for myself.

Feeling good, eating good, sleeping good,  all is good. I was a bit cranky this morning, because I woke up all sweaty and hot, so as soon I had a shower, got dressed and out the door to pay some bills and then went for a walk. Guess, where I ended up? In a baby shop. When you feel blue, buy something blue..haha. It worked for me today.

The only thing that bothers me a bit, is my loose tooth implant. But nothing can be done, so I just have to live with it for now.

I’m getting rounder and rounder and feeling his little kicks more often. Next Dr. appointment is in two weeks so looking forward seeing our little man again. Dr.J. mentioned that from now on the ultrasound is not necessary, but if I wish I can still have it. Of course, I want to. I need to see my little son every month, to know how he’s growing and doing and get my little picture.




First shopping & Happy Valentine’s Day

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

As I complete 5months pregnant, I decided to treat myself to a little baby sweetness. I just couldn’t resist these few garments. Trust me, I wanted to buy so much more, but a little by little, makes it that much special. It’s becoming so real and I’m loving every minute of it. I love my baby bump. It’s so round and firm and I feel like a super hot mama.

I also received baby lists from my momma’s girlfriends, so I’m slowly preparing myself to start buying and preparing the nursery.  I’m thinking when would be a good time to have baby shower. At 7months?

I’m feeling so much love today and sending hugs and kisses to everyone!



21wks & Anatomy scan & photo

Our baby boy is healthy! Weighs 386g and from head to toe measures 28cm. Everything looks perfect, he is lively and facing head down and his back is pushing on my belly button. His heart beat is 144-154bpm.

I’ve gained 2,5kg!!! Yay for that, because it means I’ve recovered what I’ve lost last month.  Dr. J. praised me for eating well. 😀 So my current weight is 65.5kg (144.4lbs). My new sexy measurements are 95-80-95 and circumference is 90cm.

We talked about birth options and I’m happy to know, that Dr. J. will be there during my labour and birth. Hubby chooses stay in the room while I go for delivery, but will stay with me during labour and preparations.

I’m so grateful and happy ❤





20wks6days & superstitions

Tomorrow I hit 21wks and we have an appoitment for blood test analysis and anatomy scan. I’m super exited I’ve come so far without any major complications and pray it will continue going this way. I’m not going to go into of what I am afraid of. I have to keep my mind and heart pure in thinking that all is well with my little boy. Well, it’s not only mine, is he?! There is his Daddy, grandmas and grandpas, aunties, uncles, nephews and all my dear friends who are so much as I awaiting this precious little miracle to be born healthy and to shower him with tons of love.

He´s the reason I wake up smiling each day, the reason I eat well, rest and sleep as much as I can and feel this immense love I have never felt before. I love you my son.

Regarding the superstition….except two t-shirts that I bought in NYC during Xmas, I haven’t bought anything else for my baby boy. I plan to wait until I’m seven months. I’m eager to start already, trust me, but I fear. I don’t want to plan ahead too much, even though I’m already thinking in my mind how we are travelling to Czech Republic when he’s three months old to visit my family. I just need to take each day as it comes and take it from there.

So let’s breathe…


First of all, I would like to send love, hugs and all support possible to She has received some bad news about her little baby boy. She is very close to me in pregnancy and her Writing for Life blog is one of my favourites.

In a week we are going for our anatomy scan and am I a little nervous? Yes, indeed. I’m also very excited to see my bubbly boy and get another scan picture to frame.

I’m feeling good, I eat well, sleep most days well whilst hugging my huge pillow and rest most afternoons. I love his little bubbles.

I don’t know what more to say, honestly, I’m struck by the sad news….Life is so fragile.