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28 weeks…WELCOME the THIRD trimester

HOW FAR ALONG: 28 weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: NO idea, the next weigh in is in 2wks time.

SLEEP: Every two hours wake up for pee 😦

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Mostly summer long dresses at the moment.

FOOD CRAVINGS: mandarinas, red meat


SYMPTONS: I feel good, even though my energy to go for long walks is less and less. When I’m tired,  feel pressure on the sides and low region of my belly.

STRETCHMARKS:  none so far

MOVEMENT: Morning, afternoon, evening…whenever really.

BELLY BUTTON: coming out!


BEST MOMENTS OF THE WEEK: Hubby feeling the baby kick. Pregnancy massage.

WHAT I MISS:  Sleeping well.

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO:  To our next appointment on 11th April 2012. Starting birthing classes on the 12th April 2012.



26 weeks

and 101 days to go until I meet my little guy 🙂

Nothing else to report, except that I’m  a happy, growing ‘maminka’ and enjoying every single bit of it.

Oh just that my belly button is starting to come out.

That’s all.



25 weeks

25 weeks, weight 724g and lenght 30cm.

I’ve gained 3kg…so I’m 69kg or 152lb. Dr. J. said that I don’t have to worry about gaining that much, it’s sufficient to gain 1-2kg per month. So I can relax and eat less. But I’m still on track, so no worries.

Cravings are currently :  Nutella and fruit.

Sleeping: still good, but getting harder to get comfortable.

After the Dr. appointment today we went to check some baby nurseries. I think I’ve picked out the cot. Here´s a picture of what it looks like, however, ours will have stars engraved into it and perhaps little wheels attached to it for easier movement, but still thinking about that.

Also I bought my son his first sleeping bag. Dreamy right?