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32 weeks


8 weeks to go…!!!

I feel enormous and I still have two months to go. My next Dr. appointment is in 12 days. My circumference hasn’t expanded yet, I don’t know about my weight, I don’t own a scale. Perhaps I will invest in one. But then again, I don’t freak out about how much pounds I’m putting on, right?

My masseuse told me today that my feel are getting a bit swollen and my hips are expanding, that is why the lower pain. She advised me to put my feet up often or into a cold water with salt.

Sleeping is getting harder and I wake up tired. Food aversion is definitely fish. I just want red meat. Cravings are mandarinas, strawberries and grapes.

No stretchmarks. Belly button is almost a total outie. I need to bend over to see my feet, else not a chance. To tie shoelaces? Ppppplease NO!

Looking forward to meeting my son. I want to see what he looks like. Blond or black hair or no hair? Brown or green or hazel eyes? Light or darker skin color?

My vision in my dreams is blond curly hair with hazel eyes and darker skin tone. My Mother in law’s vision is jet black straight hair, green eyes and light skin tone. 

Well, we shall see, won’t we?




All done!

I couldn’t help myself and as soon as I finished the previous post I went to investigate how to put together the stroller. It came in the box with the seat on so I had to figure out how to take it off, inflate the wheels, screw on the handle, place the basket and voilá it’s finished. I’m so proud of myself.

Here is the final outcome.


And without the bassinet…both bassinet and carseat clips on and off very easily.


I think I impressed my husband…LOL! He was not very keen to make a start on it.

Now I can go to sleep. It has been a productive day!

Baby boy’s Ferrari

So tonight we went to pick up baby boy’s stroller, carrycot and carseat. SO EXCITED!


Yes, my baby boy’s name will be Fernando, so that where the joke is 🙂 Ferrari for Fer! I was sending the picture to my mother in law so that’s why the writing in spanish.

This is the stroller, which he can use when he’s 9months up to 3years of age. It has a hand brake so I will be able to run with it. YAY!


Carrycot for newborn up to 9months of age. For longer travels and also for sleeping at home, so he doesn’t feel so lost in the big crib.


The hood comes off as well and makes it a bassinet.


I had to try my mom’s handmade blankets how nicely it matches. Here is one of them.


This one fits so perfect.


And his carseat newborn to 12months or up to 13kg.

The stroller is still inside a box. I will figure out tomorrow how to put it together.

So now I’m almost ready for my baby boy. Still waiting on his crib and changing table.

And basically all the main important stuff is done.

Fernando is kicking hard right now, I guess he can sense his mommy feeling super happy and excited!!



Baby buys 31-32 weeks


So I’m already buying 6-12m clothes. These ones are 9-12m.

Today I went with my friend to buy decorations for my baby shower that’s in 2 weeks. We got balloon ”It’s a boy”, ”Baby shower” and white and blue balloons to make pacifiers and similar baby items. It was fun, but I was soooo tired after walking around for 4 hours. I couldn’t wait to get home, have a shower and take a nap.

Baby boy was moving and kicking most of the time, I guess he was excited about it as much as I was. He’s moving right now as I’m writing this. Little sweet worm 😀




2nd birthing class, baby kicks and exercise routine

Well, second 2hrs class is behind me and I still haven’t learned anything new. We watched a video of how baby is developing until birth…I’ve seen that type of videos zillion of times…then we talked about nutrition…I know what to eat and what not…and then some breathing, just to practice what they taught us last time. Some stretching towards the end, which was fun, but still nothing new, all the exercises I knew from doing yoga.I found it strange that I was the only one in the room that knew what Kegel exercises are…well anyways… So I hope that next time will be more exciting, the topic will be about when to go to the hospital, learning about contractions and labour itself.

My son’s movement is getting really interesting. I am noticing some sort of pattern. Mostly he is on my left side and kicking on my right side. But in the afternoon he switches positions. By evening, he is on the left side again. I notice and feel the changeover, it makes my stomach look all distorted and bulgy on both sides, then it smoothes out and calms down. He kicks or nudges a lot around my belly button, up and down like with his knee or elbows and sometimes down where his head is I feel a lot tickling and twitching.

I treated myself today to a haircut, well just the split ends and some lighter highlights. Tomorrow is my pregnancy massage and I can’t wait, it’s absolutely heavenly.

All and all I feel good. Just perhaps a little bit more emotional. It has been 2 weeks since I started a aquaerobic and yesterday when I weighed myself out of curiosity I’ve realized that I’ve lost 2kg in a week. I wasn’t alarmed, I was pleased. I’m still eating the same, but I think the exercise does help. YAY! I feel my bum and thighs getting firmer already and also my upper arms. I wish, I have started that aquaerobic earlier. It’s wonderful. I do think, I will continue with it even after birth to get into shape again.

Well, that is all I can think of now…time to sleep now 😀

31 weeks


and today’s picture is below…


From a profile I look huge, but from the front it is still ok…well, also depends on clothes…:D

I do feel big and heavy when I’m tired, but I feel great.

My baby shower is two weeks away and my maternity shoot in three weeks. I can’t wait.

This is what I got him this week. Baby clothes is now officially my new addiction. I have to buy him something every week. It makes me happy.

30 weeks

Who-hooo 30 weeks!!!

In the last 5 weeks I gained in total 4kg, so my weight at the moment is 73kg. My son weighs 1470g and everything measures up to date and normal. He’s head down with his back on my left side…that explains the strong kicks on my right side.

So next appoitment is 9th May 2012 at 34 weeks.

Introducing the furry babies


This is Elvis. Persian himalayan, 2 years old. I got him when he was 7months old.

This is Bowie. He’s almost 4years old. Also Persian Himalayan and my husband got him for me when we started TTC. He was barely a month old.

And finally Cookie. He’s almost 3years old. He’s miniature pinscher. He’s not teacup size like I thought, but rather big medium. He was as big as his head now, when we brought him home. He slept with us in our bed ever since. But times are changing, there is a real puppy on the way and I am trying to teach him to sleep on this own pillow, which is rather challenging. But we will get there.

They are my furry babies. I love them sooooo much. They let me squeeze them and cuddle them whenever I need. They were a reason for me to get up in the morning and live my life when I was down in the dumps.

My animals

I have an issue with my dog now. He was used to sleeping in our bed, but since he got sick two weeks ago, he was not allowed and had to sleep in the living room with the cats. In the morning, I would take him out without any accidents happening at home, but now, I think he does it on purpose though, I find his pee around the cat litter boxes, in the kitchen, even on cat’s scratcher board. And I do take him out before bed, I don’t give him water at night so he doesn’t have the need…but still each morning I now find pee somewhere.

I’ll be brutally honest with you, I hate it. First, it stinks, secondly, the cats step into it and I have to clean it each time, which is starting to be a problem for me with a big belly. I get into a bad mood every morning because of this.

I love my furry babies, they kept me alive and happy for almost 4 years of struggling becoming pregnant. My cats are white persians and they never leave the house. I keep cripsy clean white and healthy. It’s my little dog, that goes outside and brings sickness from the street and then all of them get sick.

I started to think, I need to choose between them…the cats or the dog. I simply cannot. That would be simply cruel to separate them.  But what do I do?

When the baby comes, I won’t have much time or energy to clean up after all of  them. Forget that I have a husband that can help…it’s like he doesn’t exists…maybe just for walking the dog. I have a cleaning lady who comes 3x a week, but now she’s 3months pregnant as well and so I feel bad for her to do it. I need to find someone else.  Or a house with a garden? But that scares me, as my cats are indoor ones. Oh boy, what to do? I could always leave the dog with my in-laws for the first 6weeks after the baby’s born, but he will miss out on meeting him…

Any suggestions anyone?

Baby shopping

My recent splurges on my baby boy 😉

It gives me so much joy to buy those little tiny things for him.

I cannot wait to see him wearing it all 😀