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13 days postpartum & baby update

I had my check up two days ago. I lost so far 6 kg or 13 lbs. Still have 10 kg to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. Around my stomach I lost 15 cm and I think using the belly wrap helps a lot. I have 93cm around the largest part of the belly. I went from size M belly wrap to size S in two weeks. I haven’t tried any normal clothes yet, as I’m housebound for another two – four more weeks before I will be able to get out more with the baby. I’m in my pj’s and sweats most of the time. I think I will start walking gently from next week for like 10-15 mins. My incision scar is a small smiley near my bikini line, very nicely sewn.

Baby boy had a check up too. He weighs now 3500 g, 52 cm, head circumference 36cm.

Had his blood drawn, poor fella, cried a bit, but took it like a trooper. Very brave. But it knocked him out to sleep for four hours. That never happened before. After he woke up, he almost ate my boob how hungry he was. For the rest of the day he was a bit needy and wanted to be carried a little more than usual. But today he is back to himself and calmer, even though, sometimes he cries out suddenly, like in pain.

Poor little thing. I had to hold him while they took the blood. I almost fainted with pain for him, I was sweating and feeling dizzy.My husband wanted to punch the nurse for doing that to him, but it had to be done.

I’m supposed to get a sample of his urine. They gave me two special small bags for that, but I guess I put them badly and all the pee went into his diaper. Oh well, I tried right?

Our pediatrician wondered how I cope with such a little sleep. I guess I don’t know, I just have to. Hubby does help a bit during day, when not working, but it’s me 24/7. It’s supposed to get better when he gets to six weeks. During the day, I don’t  get to sleep much. Today I managed an hour after lunch. At night is mostly in half hour, sometimes one hour of sleep in between feedings and diaper change. My whole body is aching, back, arms, legs, head pretty much constantly.

Last night was like this:  11:30pm – 12:30am – 2:10am – 5:26am – 7am. It has been similar like that for the past week, so I’m tired. Very.

How everyone else is coping?








Tralalalalalala—lala-la 😀

Breastfeeding, 1 week postpartum update and official due date today

Is going pretty well. My son feeds every 2-3hrs. On each side 15-20mins usually, but since yesterday he can stay latched for almost 30mins. He dozes off or takes a break, but doesn’t let go. Sometimes he demands every 1,5hr. Yesterday, he sucked on each breast for 30mins. An hour of breastfeeding and he still woke up 2hrs later for more. I couldn’t believe that. My neck was killing me lol. Is he going through some major growth spurt or something?

Anyway, I also improved on pumping. In the beginning I was doing very good and on my first extraction at the hospital I got 1oz from each breast. Then I got 1.5oz from left and 0.5oz from right. And then just 0.5oz from left and drops from right. So I let him suck first on my right breast each time we breastfeed. Then I met this great night nurse, who comes from 7pm until 7am to help me this first week at home. She suggested warm towels and circular massages of boobies. It works!!!

Last night I extracted from the left boob 2oz and 0.5oz and this morning from the left 2.5oz and from the right 2oz. So I slept for 6hrs while the night nurse fed him a bottle. Thank God he takes the bottle. I have the night nurse until Saturday and then I will be on my own, so I need to take advantage of her as much as possible.

His poo and pee is regular and that is a good sign that he is eating well. He gives me a smile after I change him. He likes to be changed and kept clean. He smiles a lot during breastfeeding when I talk or sing to him. We also listen to music together. We are listening a lot to Adele. It relaxes me and therefore, he is relaxed too. With these longer time feedings I place the laptop and press shuffle on some youtube videos and watch them so I don’t fall asleep. Who else has trouble not falling asleep while breastfeeding?

My belly is shrinking in front of my eyes. I already lost 10cm around the belly. During the day I wear a belly wrap. It helps me walk better and nothing jiggles when I move. Helps my posture as well. I take if off for napping and sleeping. I am hoping in a month or two I have my tummy sort of back to what it was. My belly button looks funny. It’s huge and open. LOL. Not attractive at all. Then when I will start doing some exercise, lets hope it smoothes out.

My check up with Dr. J. is 26th June in the morning and in the afternoon is with our pediatrician. We both will get weighed and checked 😀


One week old today 😀



Please send love and support to CourtneyT

She just lost her baby in the most unimaginable horrible way possible.

She is in my prayers. God helps us all.

Mommy’s star


6 days old bundle of joy ❤

Birth story of Fernando Miroslav 13th June 2012

The night before the surgery we went to stay overnight at the clinic. Checked in at 9pm. We went through some paperwork and I was told not to drink or eat past midnight. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30am.

They came to prep me at 5am. I had time to go to the toilet, have a shower, they put my IV in, which was kinda painful, but nothing terrible, she had to put it into my left hand, because my right vein didn’t hold. Then by 7am they wheeled my downstairs. 

Anesthesiologist came in and explained to me, what I would feel and when. Epidural time! First he gave me some medicine that started to make me pretty dizzy, so by the time, he put me the epidural I was ‘stoned’. They put up the screens, washed my belly, strapped me in and I was like in a total haze. Dizzy, nauseous and totally relaxed. Suddenly, my husband appeared. And show started. I could feel being moved and poked and what not, but no pain. Just felt like someone was blowing up bubbles in my stomach and on top of my legs. Weirdest feeling ever. Then some pulling and tugging.

CRYING OF A BABY! I started to get emotional, couldn’t turn my head much and felt kinda lost and impatient to see my little boy. Then he came in the arms of my dear husband smiling proudly, telling me he is a ‘gringo’ and very long. I had to laugh. They checked him, weighed him and took him away and my husband disappeared with them. They finished me up and wheeled me into recovery room, where I stayed sleeping for 3hours. I had terrible shakes, which finally went away and they allowed me to go to my room.

As soon as I saw y in laws and my husband I wanted to cry. They said that in 5mins they will bring my son so I can feed him. Before he came, my husband showed me his pictures on his cell phone. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous that little boy of mine was.

Oh my, that moment was priceless, when they brought him to me. They put him on my chest. He latched on like a champ and was absolutely adorable. I was looking at him with total amazement, finding it hard to believe, that was my child I was holding. I was still very tired and absolutely exhausted, so they took him upstairs and I slept. Then I called my parents, my sister and posted on FB that my son has been born.

The nurses would bring him for his feeds every time necessary. I would feed him and they would take him away. I was too tired to think, talk or anything else. Total brainwash.

I promised myself, that next time, if there will be a next time, I need to try for natural delivery. But these things are just unpredictable. At times, I even think, would I do this again? I would totally do the pregnancy, that was wonderful, but the end of it was very traumatic and not very enjoyable. Giving birth was nothing what I imagined and I did suffer from being sad to totally blissful. Now that 4 days has passed, I can finally start to enjoy being a mommy.

Last night I actually felt horrible and was a bit worried about my mental state of mind. I just wanted to cry. No reason whatsoever. My feet has been so awfully swollen since the surgery, but that last night, I just broke down. 

Today is another day. I am happy again. My sunshine is a total angel and I’m blessed.

Each day will get better and better. The worse and most difficult part is thankfully behind me.

I know now, that I can totally do this. But I had my doubts. When you are in pain, shaking with nerves and sweating with fear, things seems so hard. I do not wish that on anyone. I guess each one deals with surgery differently. I am a pretty strong person, but trying to handle pain and prolong time with painkillers, was not the best idea. It put me down mentally as well as physically.

Now I take my medicine like clockwork. On time. No more pain. No more suffering. I’m recovering.



Going home tomorrow


I can only manage to post a pic and a few quick words.

He is an angel.

Breastfeeding so far doing OK, little man likes to fall asleep on the boob so I struggle to keep him away.

Today I had to pump because my breasts just got massive and painful. Whole 1 ounce of colostrum came out and he has been asleep for three hours already.

The hospital staff is very helpful and I do appreciate when he goes to the babies room to sleep for couple of hours so I can rest.

Tomorrow we are going home and I requested for a week a night nurse to come and help me out.

I’m still very sore, bloated and now I have very swollen feet from the surgery.

However, using a belly wrap has helped a lot and my belly went down a great deal.

Well, that is all for now. Birth story will take me a longer time and that is now a luxury 😀

Time to feed!!!


My boy is here!!!!

Fernando was born today 13.06.2012 at 7:48am in Lima, Perú with 3280g and 52cm via planned C-section.




My birth story coming soon.


C-section confirmed!

For Wednesday morning! The 13th I will be a mommy! Today is my cardio, blood and urine exam and tomorrow night I check in into the clinic. Wednesday early morning my life will change forever!

Oh wow, how exciting this is!

I will take my laptop with me, so as soon as I am able to update I WILL, I PROMISE!

Bye for now xxx

Watching C-section videos

….is really emotional!!! DAMN!!! But I had to know, what are they going to do to me!!! My Hubby told me, that I’m sick torturing myself like this. I guess I am. I only managed to watch two videos and both brought to me tears of joy, fear and excitement. Oh man!I’m feeling pretty vulnerable.

I booked my final pregnancy massage for Tuesday morning, because I have a feeling that Wednesday might be the BIG day!

I bought some aromatic oils and candles to help me relax. I just need the belly wrap for after surgery and some nursing bras. On Monday I’m getting my cats and dog washed and ready for baby’s arrival home, which if I’m counting well, would be next Sunday, if I do get operated on Wednesday, plus 3 days in the hospital, so Sunday for Father’s Day we could be home. But the confirmation would be on Monday.

My parents and Hubby’s parents are very excited. No one else knows, apart from you guys here, my sister, and couple of my closest friends. None of them know when exactly, but that it might happen sometime next week.

On I prepared the birth on-line announcement, that gets emailed to everyone you choose. You just put the photo and the details and it’s DONE! Then I will post it on FB.

Baby’s nursery furniture is due on 25th June so I had no luck in trying to get it in beforehand, but that’s OK, I can still change his nappies on the bed.

I’m still on the hunt for a  bedside lamp. I can’t seem to find anything that I really like. I saw one cream-coloured one today but it was almost $100 and was nothing really that special.

Sometimes it’s really tiresome to be such a perfectionist LOL!

Anyway, will update on Monday about the C-section date!

Have a great weekend everyone! xxx