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Little man


2 months baby update


5250g & 58cm

Baby boy is doing great. Had his 2months vaccinations, which made him miserable and first night he had elevated temperature so I gave him baby panadol. Had to be held all night, wouldn’t sleep poor baby. Second night was still a bit needy but after his feeding he fell asleep exhausted. Today he wants to be rocked to sleep and held a lot as well. But overall he is still a happy smiley baby. Pooping every day, once or twice. We also change formula milk from Similac Advance to Similac Total Comfort. He is still gassy but must say less and poops on daily basis. The ratio between 80% bfeeding and 20% bottle. On occasion when I need to go out, he gets an extra bottle in the daytime, which is once or max twice a week.


Good morning mama smiles 😀

Dog troubles are continuing and to barking problems he added peeing all over the house. It is very annoying to have to clean up after him first thing in the morning. Thank God I don’t have carpets. I would like to, but cannot.

He is my furry baby and I love him, but honestly lately not so much. I find myself irritated and nervous. Hubby disarmed the door bell so now everyone who wants to visit needs to call my mobile and let me know in time, so I can open the door. Yeah, it kinda solves the issue, but makes me unsociable even more, as I find it a hassle. The dog (his name is Cookie btw) is feeling my cold shoulder towards him and wants to be near me even more. I tend to push him away but at night can’t help myself and sleep and cuddle with him. However, we need to move to a house with a garden, else he will need to go and live with my in laws.

My cats are another issue. The older one is a sweetheart, but the younger one is pain in the butt. Meows a lot, follows me everywhere…he is not allowed into baby’s room so he sits outside the door and meows. Poor thing…well, he is irritating at times. Especialy at 4am when one tries to sleep.

I just don’t have the time anymore to take naps with my furry babies and take Cookie for a long walks or runs. Soon hopefully though I will be able to run again and take him with me. It has been two months since my c-section and I think I should wait until 3months post surgery to start any exercise. Has anyone tried it earlier? I’m dying to loose that extra baby weight.

Anyways, taking it day by day and they sure fly! So even if I complain, I am having the best time of my life!

Barking dog

My dog gets crazy and barks like mad when the doorbell rings. The barking scares the life out of my baby boy. This morning he cried so much it broke my heart and I hate my dog now. I don ‘hate’ hate him, but you know what I mean, right?

I don’t know what to do…how you undo something that he has been doing for the last three years of his doggy life?

But I’m also worried about the wellbeing and sanity of my son, who jumps out his skin scared and cries.

He is sensitive, calm and doesn’t like too much noise. I know they say, keep noise around the house….but mixer doesn’t startle him, tv or phone either. It’s the high pitched bark.

It is very unnerving always thinking ahead if anyone is coming, to close myself in the baby’s room so the barking is not so intense.

Any idea, anyone?

Vibrating bouncer and sleeping

My baby boy loves to nap during the day in his vibrating bouncer. However, as soon as I try to switch off the vibrate he wakes up. Sometimes, he can sleep there while not on vibrate, but when the vibrate is on, he definitely sleeps longer. I just don’t how good or bad is it. I try to do it only once a day in the afternoons, so it does not become a habit. He also sleeps better when on his tummy when I lie with him on our bed. Seems to help him release gases better and he does not get startled with his hands. I want to try to put him in his crib for naps as well. See how that goes.

But before I put him to nap or sleep I need to hold him for at least an hour after feeding. Sometimes it’s quite tiring, but he loves cuddles, kisses and so do I, so we spoil each other. But in the long run, when he gets heavier, it might be a little bit harder on my back. But what the hell, I can’t get enough of him. Specially, when he smiles and coos back at me, I just melt.




1/2 of glycerin suppository ( he only absorbed 1/4 of it, the other part came out with the poo) and 2oz of water with two teaspoons of glucomiel or known also as Karo syrup. Two hours later he pooped. Liquid smelly poop. Since then he has been sleeping calmly. I will continue supplementing him with formula to see whether we might need to change the brand or if it was just momentary thing.

I’m so relieved. I haven’t been so happier to see a dirty diaper like today!

My friend who fed her twins with formula since birth told me, that around the same time, they were having the same problem. She advised me on giving him four teaspoons a day of herbal tea for babies. I might try that but will of course will consult our pediatrician first.