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Little bear




3 months old & 10 days

Life is crazy busy! I can hardly believe that my son is 3 months old!

On our last visit to the pediatrician he weighed 6300g and measured 63cm. He suggested putting Nestum Rice into his milk at night so he sleeps longer. He was sleeping then 4hrs at a time. I decided to wait it out. He started sleeping every 5-6hrs a night on his own without filling up his tummy with extra stuff that I don’t think he needs just yet.

Right now he is sleeping in my arms while I try to write on my IPad. I’m with a bit if flu and so we are spoiling each other with cuddles. At night he sleeps between 5-6h stretches. During the day he started napping. First nap at around 9-10am, second 12-1pm and third one 3-5pm! No, I’m not counting myself lucky, because he only sleeps in my arms! As soon as I put him down to sleep he wakes up. Trust me I’ve tried many times. 😦

He laughs out loud! He loves when I sing to him, dancing in my arms, exercises and tummy time for short periods. He hates to be alone. When he realizes I’m not around he starts screaming. Sometimes I trick him and put him sleeping into his bouncer and if he wakes up and doesn’t see me or hear me, he screams his lungs out. The same way, like when he gets scared with the dog barking or any loud noises. He also gives me kisses on the cheeks, with his little mouth open he pinches my cheeks and laughs. I can proudly say, I taught him that! 🙂

Every morning he greets me with a smile and his chattiest time is from 7am until 8am. At night he wants to sleep earlier now, not at 9-10pm, but rather 7-8pm. He wants that I walk and talk or sing him to sleep. i’m growing biceps peeps! 😉

We are moving to a more quiet neighborhood. House with a garden and a pool. So the dog can bark his lungs out in the garden. Else I swear I would teach him flying from 6th floor apartment building.

I’ve started gym this week. Hired a PT for a month so I’m hoping that will help me. And BAM today I get sick, nice one eh? I only went twice, my whole body aching but loving it. Now I don’t know whether I’m aching of flu or exercise. I guess both. I eat healthy, super clean for the last two weeks and I’ve managed to shed 4pounds. Around my waist I also lost some 5cm. I’m determined to be able to fit in some of my clothes by Xmas. I’m getting tired of wearing track suits and pajamas. I’m not saying I look fat, just bigger all over, but I just don’t fit in my clothes, and I refuse to buy new ones.