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5 1/2 months update

Sorry for posting late but moving house, organizing everything and preparing for travel has taken all my time. 

At 5 months Fernandito weighed 7400g and measured 68cm. We were told to start solids, but with traveling we decided to wait until we return, which he will be 6months by then. He is ready though. He looks at us eating and his little hand is reaching. I let him lick fruits and he makes funny but interested faces. 

When he gets upset he calls “mama, mama, mama, mama”! My little prince 🙂

We are supposed to be traveling on Saturday but because yesterday he got sick with flu, we have to postpone the trip.  Not an easy one, South America to Europe is not round the corner. I prefer to wait than make him more sick. 

We got an umbrella stroller for traveling and he LOVES it. Oh my, my arms and back can have rest. However, naps are still in arms during the day, at night he sleeps still 2hours and then he wants to be carried a little before put down again. Now that he is sick, it is mostly arms. 

He rolls over almost, he crawls backwards like a crab and is starting to sit up.

And mama? 

i’m good, 4kg away from pre-birth weight, huge back and biceps muscles (hubby feeling inferior LOL) and enjoying motherhood.