23 weeks with baby Numero 2

Belly is definitely there. 90cm around, which makes me 90-90-90 hahaha!!!

For the last two days I could just sleep and sleep. I don’t know what came over me. I was doing so well being awake and running around around my almost 20months old toddler, and all of sudden, bum bam and I was desperate to sleep. I guess baby is growing.

The 70% boy is kicking and moving a lot. Making my belly very tight down below and sometimes even cramping. But all is good. In ten days I have 24weeks ultrasound and hopefully we get 100% confirmation of baby being a boy. We finally decided on a name. Yay!

My son is super sensitive at the moment. Difficult to eat, to change nappy, to play, to do whatever I ask him, and when he feels like he does not want to do it, he just does not. My patience is running low and boy oh boy, do I have to control myself. And the he has moments where he is so sweet, helpful, caring, loving and adorable.

He kisses the belly when I ask him. i try to explain, that he will have a brother soon, that mommy is growing a baby inside. He hugs me, then slaps the belly and runs away. When changing nappy, he wants to kick me. i try to hold his legs down, he gets more mad and screams out of his lungs. He even throws himself on the floor. I do my best to ignore all those tantrums, before he develops them into something out of control.

He sleeps well. Most nights, he will not wake up at all until 7:30am. Sometimes he wakes up sweaty or crying, but as soon as I change him, goes back to sleep. Sometimes,i need to lie down with him. We end up sleeping together until morning. I just simply knock out. Too tired i guess.

i am already working on the new baby’s nursery. Turquoise and tangerine! I want it to be bright and happy.


2 responses to “23 weeks with baby Numero 2

  1. Good to hear from you! Good luck for the rest of the pregnancy. Sorry your little one is such a handful, mine is too!

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