Two weeks old

Two weeks old

Petr is 52,5 cm and 3400g at the moment. Basically he was supposed to be due tomorrow. For the last two days, he has been suffering with nasal congestion. I took him today to the pediatrician and she said he is healthy, it is not a cold. Thank God.
But I do have to use nasal drops every three hours to clear him up. Poor thing, how he cries.

I’m kinda getting used to waking up every 2,5hrs to breastfeed. The hardest time for me is 1am and 4am feeds. That is when I am feeling the tiredness and exhaustion. And that is the time he chooses to poop a lot. Oh boy. He does suffer a bit to poop or release gas. He does not cry, but moans and groans. And every time I change his diaper, he starts to hiccup. The whole process of feeding and changing is like one hour if lucky. Sometimes, it can last up to 2hrs. By that time, I am fully awake and browsing my iPad. At 4am I’m getting happy because the daylight is coming soon. During the day is almost impossible to nap. Fernando is in daycare until 12pm and then the nanny looks after him. I can’t wait for Petr to have a month so I can start extracting milk and give him a bottle to have more quality time for Fernando and my dear husband.
I think I will try to give him a bottle at three weeks. I hope he takes it as well as his brother did.
Well, gotta go….


One response to “Two weeks old

  1. He is adorable! Good luck with everything, those early days are hard but you will get through them.

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