Monthly Archives: July 2014

Two and a half months



So breast feeding exclusively has went out the window. This boy eats too much! I started giving him some formula after bath and one more feed before going to bed. Otherwise just boobs. But today he surprised me. He drank in one 4oz of formula after bath!!! Plus he wanted boob. That was at 6:30pm, two hours later he ate more boob. It is now 10pm and he finally fell asleep….but still kinda moving, shifting, moaning, stretching….

now he will wake up every two hours, maybe three until 4am, that is when the hourly feeding starts, which baffles me. It goes until 7am. Then again every two until 2pm. Three hour stretch. Back to two hours. 

In the morning he is pooping machine. 5x times. Then 2x after bath. At least he kinda stopped pooping at night. 

Well more later…now gotta sleep x