3 days ’till I meet my baby boy No 2

The big day is almost here! My son turns 23months tomorrow and soon will be the big brother.

i have mixed feelings. I am excited to meet my baby boy and yet scared at the same time, how it will all work out…

I guess I just have to wait and see!!!


36weeks pregnant with anemia

It’s so much fun. I spent two days last week in a hospital. I fainted and vomited at a restaurant. I have anemia. That is why the nausea, headaches, extreme tiredness and sleepiness and ocassional vomiting. 

This week Fernando was sick. Some stomach virus he brought home from his day care. Wonderful. Poor thing vomiting and with diarrea. I guess we all caught it too, coz I threw up last night and my hubby is with the same symptons as well as a granny who came to help me. 

I am basically on bed rest. I am super exhausted and weak. I need to hang on for two more weeks. My c section is scheduled so far for the 15.5.2014 @38weeks.

I am having lots of Braxton Hicks. I am super unconfortable. I am so ready this time for this baby to come. 


36weeks pregnant and my 22months old baby boy

36weeks pregnant and my 22months old baby boy


31weeks pregnant with Baby No 2

31weeks pregnant with Baby No 2

About 8weeks to go 🙂


Fernando 21months

Fernando 21months

At a birthday party

26weeks and sick ;-(

I think I have a flu. Damnit. I feel awful. I hope this goes away soon. 

24weeks pregnant with Baby BOY Número 2

So it’s 100% a BOY. Nandito will have a brother. We will have another son. I’m so happy, we are so happy. He is healthy, perfect little person. Soon I will have two perfect little people who love me unconditionally. Could life get any better?

23 weeks with baby Numero 2

Belly is definitely there. 90cm around, which makes me 90-90-90 hahaha!!!

For the last two days I could just sleep and sleep. I don’t know what came over me. I was doing so well being awake and running around around my almost 20months old toddler, and all of sudden, bum bam and I was desperate to sleep. I guess baby is growing.

The 70% boy is kicking and moving a lot. Making my belly very tight down below and sometimes even cramping. But all is good. In ten days I have 24weeks ultrasound and hopefully we get 100% confirmation of baby being a boy. We finally decided on a name. Yay!

My son is super sensitive at the moment. Difficult to eat, to change nappy, to play, to do whatever I ask him, and when he feels like he does not want to do it, he just does not. My patience is running low and boy oh boy, do I have to control myself. And the he has moments where he is so sweet, helpful, caring, loving and adorable.

He kisses the belly when I ask him. i try to explain, that he will have a brother soon, that mommy is growing a baby inside. He hugs me, then slaps the belly and runs away. When changing nappy, he wants to kick me. i try to hold his legs down, he gets more mad and screams out of his lungs. He even throws himself on the floor. I do my best to ignore all those tantrums, before he develops them into something out of control.

He sleeps well. Most nights, he will not wake up at all until 7:30am. Sometimes he wakes up sweaty or crying, but as soon as I change him, goes back to sleep. Sometimes,i need to lie down with him. We end up sleeping together until morning. I just simply knock out. Too tired i guess.

i am already working on the new baby’s nursery. Turquoise and tangerine! I want it to be bright and happy.

Baby No. 2 at 19 weeks

Wow. Time is flying by fast. I am almost half way through my second pregnancy. 

I am sorry for the lack of posts, but my life is very busy lately with having my parents around for a visit, now the holidays and lets not forget my 19months old son, who demands more attention every day. 

We still do not know the gender. I am guessing it is a boy. We shall see in a week at the next ultrasound.

Otherwise, my belly is growing, i am showing already, even though I have not gained much weight. I really do not have much of an appetite and also keeping busy all day long so hardly time to rest. 

I already feel him/her kicking and moving. I am way more relaxed this time round and do not worry as much. I guess that is why the time is flying by so fast.

Anyway, Happy New Year 2014 to everyone. Kisses.

Baby Number Two

Is Six Weeks Old. With 131bpm.  And i am with constant nausea, tired, sleepy and no appetite. But very happy.