Miracles do happen…unexpected!!!

So i know i have been quiet. Been busy with my almost 16months old baby boy. Been tired. Feeling weird. After a month trip to Europe I thought it could be jet lag. But guess what? I haven’t gotten my period yet. I kinda realised it has been 3weeks since my last one. And because i was going to gym a lot lately and taking all those supplements, i thought to be on the safe side, i go and have a blood test done.  Voila! Hcg levels are at 29,014!!! What!?!?!


Almost 1 year old

I have been away for almost 4months!!! Wow! my God! 

I have been busy…will update on everything soon. Now preparing for my son’s 1st birthday.

Hope everyone is OK. Need to catch up.



8months picture



7months picture



I’ve realized that I totally missed 6months post. I guess because I was busy with my parents visiting, starting solids, traveling by plane for the first time with baby….

We are 7,5 months now and still not sleeping through the night. Main reason is heat. We are in the middle of summer and baby’s room gets way too hot, so I’m moving him into a bigger bedroom so I don’t need to use air con or vents. Also he falls asleep at 8pm and then he’s up at 1am, 4am and finally at 7am. He won’t stay up past 9pm, he gets too cranky and fusses too much. 

Food wise we are in the green veggies section like broccoli, asparagus, spinach….mixed with yellow veggies like potato, carrots, pumpkin and chicken breast or liver egg boiled egg yolk. 

For desert he eats fruits, vanilla yoghurt or ice cream, vanilla pudding….

He crawls backwards, turns around up and down very quickly and sits up almost without any help.

He is smiley, happy boy that whines and cries very little. He does have his moments of madness when i take something away, like my cell phone for example. 

he says mamamama and papapapa and recently bebe and agua.

At last check up he weighed  8100g and measured 71cm 😉

5 1/2 months update

Sorry for posting late but moving house, organizing everything and preparing for travel has taken all my time. 

At 5 months Fernandito weighed 7400g and measured 68cm. We were told to start solids, but with traveling we decided to wait until we return, which he will be 6months by then. He is ready though. He looks at us eating and his little hand is reaching. I let him lick fruits and he makes funny but interested faces. 

When he gets upset he calls “mama, mama, mama, mama”! My little prince 🙂

We are supposed to be traveling on Saturday but because yesterday he got sick with flu, we have to postpone the trip.  Not an easy one, South America to Europe is not round the corner. I prefer to wait than make him more sick. 

We got an umbrella stroller for traveling and he LOVES it. Oh my, my arms and back can have rest. However, naps are still in arms during the day, at night he sleeps still 2hours and then he wants to be carried a little before put down again. Now that he is sick, it is mostly arms. 

He rolls over almost, he crawls backwards like a crab and is starting to sit up.

And mama? 

i’m good, 4kg away from pre-birth weight, huge back and biceps muscles (hubby feeling inferior LOL) and enjoying motherhood. 

Pram issues

Fernandito hates the pram. I guess he hates lying down, not seeing properly, the toy above moving and he unable to touch it…I tried to lift the carrycot base higher, still…he gets MAD. I put in baby carrier and we get a happy baby. But the sun is starting to get pretty strong and I shouldn’t really expose him that much.

Should I switch the carrycot for the sport chair? Usually it is from six months on but it has few reclining positions so i could try. I feel as if I bought the stroller in vain.

Should I let him cry it out in the pram and see if he falls asleep? Or should I wait it out until he can sit? 

I’m really bad at letting him cry…the carseat is the same problem…stressful! 

One year ago

…I found out I was pregnant 🙂

4months update

Fernandito will be 4months on Saturday. Today was our check up. He weighs 7kg, measures 65cm and is teething! OMG! That is why all the slobbery chewing irritable madness lately!

After his cold his sleeping went back to 3hrs intervals at night, during the day he only naps in my arms. Sometimes at night I need to have him quite a while in arms.  By 4am he wants to talk and play! Oh my, when he will sleep longer and when he will nap on his own?!

He grabs things very well, puts them in his mouth and sucks and chews like crazy, poor fella, his first bottom tooth is coming out. He raises his arms to be lifted, he gives me cuddles and kisses with his mouth open on my cheeks and squeezes me.

He laughs, he makes singing noises, he mumbles, he screams with joy, he is darling and entertainer. He is getting better at playing on his own, he recognizes people around him and not to everyone he smiles and opens arms. He is very observing and likes to go out and see people. He doesn’t get scared so much by loud noises, however, the dog bark still makes him jump.

During the day we are purely bfeeding and at night he gets a bottle of formula. Sometimes, he prefers me than the bottle and sometimes bottle wins, but only at night time.

He needs to be walked around, sing to and moved some way to fall asleep.
It’s a hard job with 7kg baby, trust me, I’m growing big guns 😀

For the past two weeks I’m religiously going to the gym at 7am. I’ve lost a lot, I don’t know exactly how much, but my fat roll is significantly smaller and I definitely feel tighter. I’m very tired, my body hurts and I’m asleep by 9pm every night.Mind you, I have a night nurse to help me, so I can do that, else I do not think I would be able to. But I am so ever grateful.

We are also moving by the end of the month, right before my birthday to a bigger house with a garden. So busy times ahead.

Also planning to visit my family in November, excited about that a lot!!!

Well beeps, 8:48pm for me here now so I’m going to brush my teeth and get my beauty sleep….that is if baby boy won’t cry. I always get up when he gets upset for whatever reason. Now we have the teething season, so let see.



Little bear