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7months picture



25 weeks

25 weeks, weight 724g and lenght 30cm.

I’ve gained 3kg…so I’m 69kg or 152lb. Dr. J. said that I don’t have to worry about gaining that much, it’s sufficient to gain 1-2kg per month. So I can relax and eat less. But I’m still on track, so no worries.

Cravings are currently :  Nutella and fruit.

Sleeping: still good, but getting harder to get comfortable.

After the Dr. appointment today we went to check some baby nurseries. I think I’ve picked out the cot. Here´s a picture of what it looks like, however, ours will have stars engraved into it and perhaps little wheels attached to it for easier movement, but still thinking about that.

Also I bought my son his first sleeping bag. Dreamy right?