Monthly Archives: January 2013


I’ve realized that I totally missed 6months post. I guess because I was busy with my parents visiting, starting solids, traveling by plane for the first time with baby….

We are 7,5 months now and still not sleeping through the night. Main reason is heat. We are in the middle of summer and baby’s room gets way too hot, so I’m moving him into a bigger bedroom so I don’t need to use air con or vents. Also he falls asleep at 8pm and then he’s up at 1am, 4am and finally at 7am. He won’t stay up past 9pm, he gets too cranky and fusses too much. 

Food wise we are in the green veggies section like broccoli, asparagus, spinach….mixed with yellow veggies like potato, carrots, pumpkin and chicken breast or liver egg boiled egg yolk. 

For desert he eats fruits, vanilla yoghurt or ice cream, vanilla pudding….

He crawls backwards, turns around up and down very quickly and sits up almost without any help.

He is smiley, happy boy that whines and cries very little. He does have his moments of madness when i take something away, like my cell phone for example. 

he says mamamama and papapapa and recently bebe and agua.

At last check up he weighed  8100g and measured 71cm 😉