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Fourth IUI

Went to see Dr. J. today for my check up after the diagnostic laparoscopy. We saw the video of the procedure and decided on the next steps. We will go ahead with insemination as soon as possible taking advantage that I have now crispy clean uterus and ovaries.

I thought that I would take a break a month or two as I am feeling pretty crappy and sore still. But the thing is that I have a window of opportunity and I need to take it now.

So two week break and here we go again. This time, Dr. J. promised to stimulate my ovaries gently, not like last time, that I´ve ovulated with seven eggs. Half should do he trick, few nice sized eggs.

My first thought was,” YAY, I might get my birthday present after all”…my birthday is on 30th Oct and hubby was like, ”Don’t start with that, else you will ruin your birthday in case it don’t happen”. Realist and dreamer.

Anyways, my back is killing me so I am off to bed to relax.